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Portfolio: • Chaos Dragon and the Light - A documentary

A documentary about 'war, migration and the refugee experience'

Chaos Dragon and the Light - Live screening Q&A Dec 2023

'Creativity is the answer, not bitterness.'

Born in Budapest in 1935, Marika Henriques was ten years old when she was hidden from the Nazis and given a new name and new identity. Twelve years later she fled to England during the Hungarian Uprising and began her career as a Jungian therapist. She tells her story for the first time in Chaos Dragon and the Light, a documentary which asks 'Who are we when our identity is stolen?'

I watched the online premiere with my sketchbook in my lap, waiting to draw the Q&A session at the end. I recommend both the documentary and Marika's book The Hidden Girl: The Journey of the Soul (Shepheard-Walwyn, London).
A documentary by Iridescent Films - Director Sal Anderson, editor Natasha Westlake, executive producer Tracey Gardiner, co-producer Steve Gough

Ink and watercolour in A6 sketchbook
15cm x 20cm