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Day 1 - One Week 100 People 2023

Day 1 - One Week 100 People 2023

Every March for the past seven years, artists extraordinaire Marc Holmes and Liz Steel have organised the One Week 100 People challenge, the idea being to sketch as many people as possible in five days' time. Whether one draws from life or from photos, the aim is to fill a page with people and keep going.

To kick things into high gear this week, I've sized up my sketchbook and switched on the colour. My obliging models are family, friends and strangers in photos on my phone. I’ve counted 50 souls so far in my sketches from Days 1, 2 and 3. With luck, I’ll manage another half century by close of play.

Watercolour and pen and ink in A4 sketchbook
30cm x 42cm