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Papered Over No. 3

Papered Over No. 3

September 2021
= NEWS = No. 3 has been selected for the 2021 ING Discerning Eye exhibition 12 - 21 November at Mall Galleries London and online.

This series had its debut last year with Papered Over No. 1 in my solo exhibition at the Old Court artspace in Windsor. No. 2 was on show this year at the Mall Galleries in London, in the centenary exhibition of the Society of Graphic Fine Art. Both artworks are now in private collections.

If you look closely at No. 3, you can see the ghost of an earlier sketch peeping through. In this series I draw over litho-printed reproductions of my own sketches with new layers in pencil and, in some cases, charcoal and ink. By the time the new artwork is complete, all that remains of the printed imagery is an impression of something underneath.

So far in the series I have used grids and patterns to create new layers. But the sketch reproductions beneath them began life as freehand line drawings I made on site in Windsor’s historic Guildhall. In No. 3, for example, you can just about make out one of the stained glass windows I drew in the Ascot Room.

I’ll be giving little ‘tours’ of the sketches I have covered so far in the series. Next year it will be ten years since I was unofficial ‘sketcher in residence’ at the Windsor Emporium, a monthly artist and artisan fair that for several years was based at the Guildhall. Back then I was new at location drawing, and was given permission to turn up at the Windsor Emporium with my sketchbook to practice drawing people in a grand setting with royal portraits, velvet curtains and chandeliers.

But more about that later.

Graphite on litho reproduction
30cm x 15.5cm