Cynthia Barlow Marrs SGFA

Portfolio: • Pale Grey Castle solo exhibition

Pale Grey Castle - solo exhibition 03 September - 14 October

Pale Grey Castle - solo exhibition 03 September - 14 October

My first solo exhibition in my home town took place at the Old Court Artspace in Windsor, featuring new large studio drawings and 16 framed sketchbooks

In 2020 I began to create large studio drawings in which I reinvent scenes around Windsor -- 'Pale Grey Castle' is the first in this series. In the Papered Over series my love of mark-making and patterns and repeats comes to the fore. No. 1 in the series layers patterns over litho-printed reproductions of my own drawings, uncut sheets left over from the production of my limited edition book ‘The Windsor Emporium Sketchbook’.

Sketchbooks aren't normally on display in art shows, but in this case they were an important part of the exhibition. Most of my output over the previous year had consisted of sketchbook drawings of live music events within walking distance of my home. Many of those drawings were made at the Old Court, but I also carried my sketchbook to candlelit carol services, recitals at Windsor Castle, music society concerts and a tango evening in Eton. None of us knew at the time how difficult it would be in 2020 to keep live music alive.