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Artist's Drawing Techniques - 2017 and 2023

Artist's Drawing Techniques - 2017 and 2023

Originally published in 2017 in the UK, the USA and France, Artist's Drawing Techniques is being republished in the UK in August 2023. The new cover illustration is a greyscale version of the full-colour sunflower drawing I created for 'Using coloured inks' on pages 154 and 155.

I was commissioned by DK Books to write and illustrate the pen and ink chapter (apart from pp 152 - 153) for this 300-page hardback book. I created 14 beginner, intermediate and advanced mini-workshops, illustrating techniques from mark-making with a dip pen, to scribbling, stippling and layering coloured inks, each with step by step instructions. I also created three showcase drawings that incorporate all of the techniques in the chapter. But I am just one of a number of contributors, and with chapters on drawing with graphite, charcoal, coloured pencil and pastel, this book has something for just about everyone.